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The Driveway Informer is a Driveway Monitor for your Driveway. The Driveway Informer is the clear winner in driveway alarms and we have a money back guarantee to prove it!

The Driveway Informer by Security2020 is a reliable, robust driveway alarm.  Although designed to alert you when objects enter your driveway, the Driveway Informer is versatile driveway alarm you can use in other locations.


This driveway alert sends Immediate Alerts when movement is detected.  Long range wireless system with low battery consumption.  Nothing can compete with the Driveway Informer (tm)

Driveway Informer®

Security2020® PRESENTS THE Driveway Informer®

Designed and manufactured with the latest in electronic technology.

This is the new "A" system, not compatible with older models. Please call us for availability on models to match your system.

American Made
The Driveway Informer® is manufactured in a strict Military manufacturing environment. Some of the specifications that Driveway Informer® manufactures to are but not limited to MIL-STD-2000, MIL I 45208, NASA 5300.4, WS-6596E (Navy).

  • Range of 1500 ft. to 3000 ft.
  • Up to 4 monitoring zones with unique audio alerts for each zone
  • Extra speaker option to hear Informer alerts in a 2nd location (speaker addon sold seperately)
  • Accessories connection (12v DC terminal) for items such as the Siren, Strobe Light, X-10 Interface and more
  • Built in counter with digital display
  • Two year battery life expected (At 500 rings per day)

About the Transmitter

The DI2000T is an outdoor weatherproof transmitter unit that can be side or overhead mounted. This unit uses a 9volt alkaline battery that can be accessed by removing the two screws on the back of the black box transmitter. A battery is included and is already installed for your convience. If you remove the back cover you will have access to six dipswitches. Dipswitch numbers 1-4 control the communication security codes that must match the white receiving unit. Dipswitches numbers 5 & 6 on the transmitter control four different tones that are available to you. When closing the transmitter unit be aware of the rubber gasket that it is seated properly before replacing cover and tightening down the two screws. The battery should be securely in place and not flopping around inside the box.

About the Receiver

The DI2000R is an indoor receiver that is not weatherproof and has a plug-in 12VDC power supply with a 6 foot cord. The receiver may be placed on a tabletop or hung on the wall. The counter feature allows you to either count customers or count unexpected detections for security purposes. There is a reset button next to the counter. When pressed it will zero out the counter. This unit also has six dipswitches on the back of this unit. Dipswitches numbered 1-4 must match transmitter. Dipswitch number 5 controls the output of the 12VDC terminals on the back of the receiver with a one second or five second 12VDC output. Dipswitch number 6 is not in use at this time. The terminal screws on the receiver back give you the option of adding a buzzer, horn, siren, strobe or anything that is 12VDC operated. The other speaker terminal (SPKR) screws allow you to add an auxiliary speaker with wire connection to get the same “Ding Dong” sound as the receiver. A volume control knob adjusts volume on receiver and auxiliary speaker.

How it Works

Both transmitter and receiver have antennas that allow 360 degree rotation and pull away from sides of boxes. For best results in communication between transmitter and receiver it is ideal for the antennas to be on the same plane. Example: (If one antenna is pointing up in the vertical position, then the other antenna should be pointing up also. If one antenna is in the horizontal position, then the other antenna needs to be horizontal and pointing at each other for optimum reception). When it comes to distance in communication between transmitter and receiver environmental condition need to be considered. Line of sight without obstacles is ideal. Every tree, bush, fence, car, building in direct line of sight will reduce communication between units. These units should give you approximately 1500’ range between transmitter and receiver, In some cases you may get a distance of to 3000’. You may also add additional transmitters to one receiver or additional receivers to one transmitter.

Extra Speaker can be used to hear
Driveway Informer™ alerts in a secondary location

Extra Push Button Transmitter

  • Operating Frequency - 418 Mhz range
  • Volume Control
  • 12 Volt DC out
  • Extra speaker outlet
  • Built-In Counter
  • 4 Sound Options
  • At 500 rings per day the expected battery life is 2 years
  • At 50 feet the detection zone is 2' X 2'
  • At 25 feet the detection zone is 1' X 1'

Actual Testimonials for the Driveway Informer:

Speaking to the versatility of your system, I'll relate the following event.

We had wild hogs come into our yard where they rooted up the lawn causing a lot of damage.  I moved one of my sensors and mounted it low on the base of a nearby tree pointing to where it would cover the area where the hogs were rooting.  I slept in my recliner, fully clothed that night with my shotgun loaded and handy.  At 1:30 a.m. the alarm went off.  Armed I eased out the front door and around to the side of the house where I encountered the hog (only one).  Result, the bacon was excellent and there has been no further problems.

The alarm worked flawlessly and it sure beat trying to stay up all night, looking out a window.
- John M., Cleveland, Texas


Lately, my whole life has been wracked with paranoia! Since December of '07 when our home was burglarized, I have done nothing but think about ways to protect my home, possessions, and identity. It's been crazy! Or maybe I really meant to say, it's making ME crazy!

Not only have I found places to hide my valuables when I'm not home, I've alarmed my doors and windows, and now I have a wireless sensor to alert me to any car, person, or animal that comes down my driveway! During the day, I can see out to the end of my driveway, but at night, because we don't have street lights, it's pitch black out there! My dogs will bark when they hear something, but many times they bark at "nothing"! This makes me constantly run to the front windows to see if anyone is out there. I live in the "toolies" so when the dogs bark I get a little freaked out!

Now I have the "Driveway Informer"! Maybe it's a false sense of security, but I feel safer knowing for sure when someone, or something is heading down my driveway. I know there are waaay less expensive wireless sensors and receivers, but sometimes you get what you pay for, and I didn't want to take any chances on my safety.
- Sizwizz, United States
PDF Install Guide Available

Model Description Price
DI2000S-A Driveway Alarm The Driveway Informer System (Receiver and Sensor) Sale!
$169.00 $149.98
(Save $19.02)
DI2000T-A Extra Transmitter/Sensor for "A" systems only Sale!
$98.98 $78.98
(Save $20)
DI2000R-A Extra Receiver for "A" systems only Sale!
$98.98 $78.98
(Save $20)
WIREDSPEAKER Extra Speaker Special!
$26.98 $24.98
(Save $2)

This is the flag ship product offered by Driveway Monitor.net.  Although we carry other brands, the Driveway Monitor has proven, time and time again, to be the most consistent driveway alerting system we carry.  It will pick up any movement in your driveway (or any area you need home security monitoring), but the sensitivity setting may be easily modified so you won’t pick up small animals.  You won’t go wrong by selecting the Driveway Monitor by Security2020.  Over the years, it has become our most solid performer in monitoring your driveway or other sensitive areas.

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