Driveway Alarm and Wireless Driveway Alarm Systems

Driveway Monitor dot net markets a wide variety to driveway alert systems.  These systems are sensor based (PIR), Magnetometer Transmitter Alerts, or Pneumatic (hose alarm sets).  Please call us if you need help deciding which Wireless Alert for your driveway will work best for you.

A Driveway Alarm is a key component to your overall home security.  A reliable driveway alarm will alert you when, depending on the type of system you are using, when a car, truck or person enters your driveway.  The Driveway Alarm Sensor will send a wireless signal to the receiver and thus alert you.

Driveway Informer®
$169.00 $149.98
(Save $19.02) The Driveway Informer® is one of the finest Driveway Alarm systems using the latest in technology. This is the new "DI2000S-A" system, not compatible with older models (DI2000S). Please call us for availability on models to match your system.

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Wireless Motion Alert
$149.98 $119.98
(Save $30) The WMA-3000 is the next step in the evolution of the driveway alarm/motion alert systems.

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Wireless Driveway Alarm with Metallic Object Sensor
$198.98 $199.98
(Save $-1) The Driveway Alarm System is magnetometer based wireless driveway alert system which means it detects metallic objects only.

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Wireless Driveway Alarm
$169.98 $129.98
(Save $40) Keep track of the comings and goings on your property with this electromagnetic sensor alert system.
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Voice Alert System 6
$198.98 $189.98
(Save $9) The Voice Alert System-6 multi-purpose, recordable, entrance alert / driveway alarm / safety system. Now available in two editions: New Rubber Hose Solar sensor and/or motion sensor!

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Although the PIR based products on this site are marketed as Driveway Alarm systems, they are versatile enough that you can use them to monitor and alert you when placed in other areas as well.  For an example, the Voice Alert System 6 product is sometimes used to monitor pool safety.  Although none of these products will prevent anything from happening, the wireless sensor will send a door chime sound to a receiver.  We have customers who will use the Voice Alert System to alert them when a child walks out the back door, or walks under an porch headed towards the pool.

The example above is a simple illustration of how a driveway monitoring system may be used for other uses than simply alerting you when someone, or something, enters you driveway.

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